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Carlsen vs Kasparov first time in 16 years.

Clash of two titans of Chess game to face off next month in the Chess960 event oftem called as Chess9LX hosted online by the saint Louis Chess Club.
Garry Kasporov and Magnus Carlsen facing each other after 16 years,last time they played against each other was way back in 2004 in Reykjavik.Kasporov's first played his online championship game in 2005.Last winner of chess960 champion is Fabiano caruana which was played in 2017.
As perdate the particular will be held fron september 11th to 13th in the ongoing year,coming with new rules compared from earlier conventional rules this might be interesting for viewers as well as players.
Another Championship that is Saint Louis Rapid and blitz to take place from sept 15th till 19th with daily rapid formats with 3 games each day.


Indian duo stopped journey of chinese duos to reach finals.

In an online chess olympiad the Indian duo R.praggnanandhaa and Divya deshmukh stopped the journey of chinese duo with the final score of 4-2 in the final round of top 'A' pool match.As dated India will play quarterfinals on 28th of aug,with yet undefined opponent.

R.Pragg and Divya

Good news for Chessers waited for 5D
Now a days online chess competitions and olympiads are on great demand,reason lockdown.Here techno experts and game developers are here with new awaited surprise for the players and lovers of chess.That is invention and entering of 5D chess.Conor petersen the game developer and a chess interested person was in famous lists with his multiverse time travel game that is 5D Chess with Multiverse time travel honoured with attention from a knowned PC gamer.

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