Introduction To 'Chaturanga'

Primarily referred to as Chaturanga, being played before 7th century.Different countries like china,japan and Korea name it differently. Game reached Europe through Persia in late 9th century,Spain by 15th century.The new and famous rules were made in 19th century. Game of strategies,plans,tactics where proper amount of concentration is required to use those plans. Also the sport of your time where within the formal games time is counted in order that what proportion time each player used,also decides the winner.This game are often finished in 10 minutes also and continue till 6 hours,can be finished in 3 steps and also go till many steps.

Having 16 players each of the two opponents majorly defined as whites and blacks. each sets consists of 8 pawns,1-1 king and queen,2-2-2 bishops,knights and rooks.

chess is worldwide formally organised by FIDE,consisting many olympiads,championships,world cup etc.

Boards of 64 blocks that’s 8*8 grid having whites and blacks checkers,that is a-h and 1-8 vertically and horizontally. Each quite player has its own rule of movements.

Rule of check and mate decides the winner or loser of the sport .Check mate is that the condition where an opponent makes a situation where other player is unable to maneuver and save its king.Stale mate is that the condition where it’s called as draw of the match.where the continual playing an equivalent steps by the both players repeatedly.

Some fun facts for chess:-The word defines the mental strategy level,improves planning level,improving psychology levels.

Maximum we can go for moves in number are over 5000.Now a days at a moment over 4 lakhs people are playing any online chess tournament.

And one of the best plaeyrs of chess Magnus carlsen have the IQ level of 190.  Think of it!!!