Fedor Khrapatin

chess teacher

Fedor Khrapatin

I have always been very active in the teaching world. I grew up studying music from the age of 4 and started teaching the Violin and Piano in 1999.  In High school and throughout my college years I excelled at Tennis and gave lessons up until 2006. Since 2001 I have been teaching chess to kids and adults of all levels and this has become my passion.

I have personally molded some of the finest chess players to ever hit a tournament floor. My unique and precise technique for teaching is what elevates me above all other trainers in the same field.

To briefly list some of my accomplishments:

  • Brooklyn College Chess Club President

  • 6-time Brooklyn College Intramurals Chess Champion

  • FIDE certified National Instructor since June 2014

  • Certified USCF Tournament Director

  • Sole sponsor and creator of the 2008 New York international chess tournament.

  • Coached national, state, and city championship teams and individual players to first place.