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"Time and Tide waits for none" The famous quotes replicates to one of the example here. Or any time quotes can be referred with chess. Pateince with the factor of pressure,how someone handles that makes that person a player of which levels.Learning the importance of time and clock is very crucial for learners of chess.

Role of time and clock is very much crucial in the formal level of game.If we play an olympiad or championship time factor is countered.Both the opponents will be given chess clocks with the key. So that at a time one timer is stopped while other is stopped.It is basically used so to find out the player who is the reason for delay of the game time or exceeding the limit time.To avoid the extra delay in game time clock is used.The general name for this kind of clocks are called as gameclocks. First time it was used in late 1880's in a tournament happened in London. Time control:-Procedure in which the players has to finish the rounds of a game in time. There is a situation called Time trouble where a player is having very less time to take his rest of the moves. Methods like Increment,Bronstein delay and simple delay. Increment often known as fischer or as a bonus is as name suggests bonus where extra time is given to each players to each move. It shows as inc30 to the main time if 30 minutes is given bonus to the player. Bronstien delay is actually complex method.This also does increment but differently from increment method.Like if a player takes his move in every n seconds then only extra n seconds is provided after the fix time is completed. Simple delay:-Very easy method if a player has delayed the move by n seconds then the timer clock waits for n seconds for each move before the main time is counting down.

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