Winning the chess match depends upon the strategy and planning applied from the first move of the match.From placing the pieces to replying to the opponent’s move.These all has to be managed with the plan and strategy.

strategies  comprises of attacking,defending,fake threats,real threats,etc. Attacking and defending is the factor where a player should understand the perfect time to do so.Some fake sacrifices to give over confidence to the opponent is a sign of  cleverness.But to overcome and go according to it without backfire is one of a kind. There can be different kinds of starting of a game.For eg some players go with pawn moves till the middle part of game, some go with main pieces. Before learning more let,s go to checkmate  and stalemate.

Checkmate and Stalemate:-Checkmate is the condition where the king does not have the safe place to move.That is for every place king can move  is hit by any opponent piece.

Stalemate:- condition where there is nothing left for a player to give checks and moving similar moves  again and again by an opponent. 

For being strong throughout the game each player saves its main pieces mainly the queen. As queen gets highest liberty of moves rules so as it gets highest priority in the game.A queen can move like a rooks and bishop both. 

Castling:-The move in which the the king and knight is collaborated. Till the king has not faced a check then the castling is permittable.  Moving of  king’s 2 blocks towards knight and moving of knight number of steps towards  to king.(If there is no else piece is present between them) Reason for castling is givng extra protection to the king and knight a centre for a war in a game. 

Being attacking or defensive depends on the situation of the game like if a person is in not in good phase he can play defensive and vice versa. But this is not the rule it can also go vice versa.

To be Continued……..